Who do you think you are? Haha, I laugh to death, although that Rolls-Royce is a senior, but the strength is not even as good as my second grade. I can be different from him, abuse you, that is simply move a finger! Li Youshu did not take Li Cheng to heart at all and said arrogantly. Yu Du suddenly raised his voice and shouted, "Li Youtian, your brothers quarreled with your brother in order to defend you!"! Do you have the heart not to show up? Don't be afraid, no matter when, we will support you behind your back! Just because. Just because.. For the first time, Yu Du no longer cherishes words like gold, but in the end, he still has no words. "Just because we fought side by side," Li Cheng said into the loudspeaker. "Ah, yes!"! Just because we fought together! In the hangar, Li Youtian was full of tears, because she was afraid to fight and did not dare to face Li Youshu. From childhood to adulthood, Li Youshu's eyes of hatred deeply hurt her. In addition, she has been introverted since childhood, and she is a little weak. This character made her unable to do anything, and she was laughed at by Li Youshu in private. But when every time the family fights, as the daughter of the patriarch, she can only be beaten all over the ground by Li Youshu, and has no power to fight back. Li Youshu never had the love of brother and sister for her. Somehow, her father turned a blind eye to it. In the face of Li Youshu's ridicule, in the face of the disdain in the eyes of the people, Li Youtian's weak heart is more lonely and helpless. Li Youtian asked himself more than once, is the rumor true? My cousin's parents were really. Childhood loneliness, so that Li Youtian gradually closed himself, dare not talk to people and so on. She has always wanted to change all this, but how can the habits that have been raised for a long time be changed so easily? She has been disdaining the efforts,metal racking systems, until now, her character has been a lot of improvement. However, she has left a shadow since childhood, but she has never dared to face Li Youshu. But at this moment, listening to the maintenance and encouragement of Li Chengsan outside, Li Youtian remembered that she had known Li Chengsan for less than a day, but a lot of things had happened, which made her feel very happy. Don't let these friends down, absolutely not! "Get over your fear!" Li Youtian's heart, suddenly gave birth to such a sentence. As soon as Li Youtian stepped on the accelerator, the phantom Lily turned into a shadow and galloped away toward the second fighting platform. "Coming!" In the audience, I don't know who suddenly shouted. As a result, tens of thousands of eyes, straight brush toward the direction of the hangar shot, absolutely can be said to be the focus of attention. Atlanta turned up the corners of his mouth, glanced at Li Cheng, medium duty racking ,industrial racking systems, and saw that Li Cheng's expression had eased a lot, and then he breathed a sigh of relief. He sneered at Li Youshu and said, "Li Youshu, do you see?"? With you, there's still no way to stop Youtian's footsteps! "Hum," Li Youshu in the white mecha answered with a cold hum. The five jets behind the Phantom Lily sprayed the purple-blue flame down from the sky. Near the landing, the flame disappeared and turned into a translucent stream of air under his feet. "Bang!" The Phantom Lily fell slowly to the ground. At this time, the audience was filled with all kinds of discontented words, but also one after another. Really, what's so unique? Get out of here if you're afraid! "Don't think you can be unique just because you're a girl!" Coward, aren't you afraid? Hum, hurry up and run away with your tail. Don't lose face here! "I heard that Li Youtian is Li Youshu's sister?" "Even so, it is said that the relationship is not very good. It is said that Li Youtian's parents assassinated Li Youshu's parents in order to seize power!" “……” As the audience's words are more and more, the meaning they express is also more and more, and some very extreme and hurtful words are also said. Li Cheng frowned slightly and then looked at the phantom Lily. Do not know Li Youtian, the heart can bear it? Inside the Phantom Lily, Li Youtian was still sobbing, and crystal tears fell down her jade skin. She kept drying her tears with her sleeve, and immediately new tears came out. Although the voices outside are noisy and disorderly, there are still many people whose words coincide with each other, thus forming a loud voice, just like shouting and cheering. Of course, these words are extremely hurtful. Why Why don't you understand me.. Li Youtian continued to wipe his tears, lowered his head and looked at the prototype screen on the computer, sobbing: "Father …" Mother Did you really do that? I don't believe it. I don't believe it. Why don't you tell me the truth? Remembering that Li Youtian has been satirized and looked down upon by others since he was a child, Li Youtian's fragile heart is even more painful and uncomfortable. Although she is a person with firm willpower, even if she is a firm person, she has weaknesses. And Li Youtian even in the face of left Tianya's evil words, can endure, but in the face of these things, it is unbearable, there is incomparable pain in the heart. Li Youtian has only one sentence in his heart, that is why. On the second stage, Yang Fengfeng raised his arm high, and then showed a rare seriousness. He shouted in a deep voice: "If we continue to quarrel like this, the game will be cancelled." Damn it, who is it? If you say it's invalid, it's invalid? "Yes, even if you want to cancel it, do you have the right?" "I'll say what I want to say. What do you care?" "Niubi, come here and let's fight alone!" “……” As soon as Yang Fengfeng's words came out, the whole audience immediately exploded. Yang Fengfeng frowned slightly, just now the words, he is also a moment of excitement, just said. Such a thing, he has experienced, but not as serious as Li Youtian. Because of sympathy, plus Li Youtian is really pitiful, Yang Fengfeng can not help but speak. What he said just now is indeed beyond his authority. On the high platform not far away, Mr. Hu Leibel glanced at his eyebrows, intending to calm the anger of the audience first,heavy duty metal racking, and then reprimand Yang Fengfeng well. Just as she was about to speak, she heard Yi Shenglong say in a loud voice, "Please be quiet!" 。 kingmoreracking.com