The dragon's claws were not removed, and a huge magic array was added to the center of the dragon's spine. On this magic array, 36 green ghosts were painted. That is to say, this magic array needs 36 undead to control at the same time. No matter how complex the general magic array is, it needs six people to manipulate it at most. This kind of magic array calculated by a multiple of six is actually a compound magic array. Compound magic array is not much more powerful than ordinary magic array, but it has an advantage, that is, in actual operation, it can reduce the demand for operation, just like the city of Salin, although there are 36 magic towers, but in fact as long as there are six magic towers in operation, it can barely maintain the city's defense. Jodi Koko obviously understood Salin's mind. Salin was afraid of death, so his design had more reserved plans, which could keep the warship running even if it was damaged, and could escape when it was undermanned. There is only one building more than forty meters long on the deck, and the whole warship is two hundred meters long, so the building seems a little small. On the front deck, four movable decks are derived from the back bones of the dragon skeleton,Walking measuring wheel, which can be retracted, and the passage below is the access. The whole warship is closed. In theory, the warship can sail underwater, but obviously it can only sneak at tens of meters at most. This closed design can not withstand the high pressure of deep water. Salin some do not understand, in the underwater dozens of meters of stealth, there is no actual combat significance. An ordinary magician can find such a ship. Giudicoco hastened to explain: "In order to pursue the strength and speed of the warship, the ship's buoyancy is somewhat insufficient. If it is fully manned and loaded with all weapons, it will sink." Seeing that Sarin's face was a little ugly,Adhesive fish ruler, Judi Koko said quickly, "But as long as the magic array on the warship is running, the warship will float on the water.". When the warship is moving, these magic arrays that provide buoyancy can be closed, allowing the bone wings on both sides to provide a certain amount of buoyancy. As long as the speed of the warship is kept above twenty miles, the magic array can be closed and the consumption can be reduced. But the warship has to stop. When it is completely still, the magic cabin will be released under the deck and the keel will be connected with a metal chain. At this time, the magic array can still be closed and the warship will be still underwater. Sarin finally understood that Judy Cocoa was too considerate, and that this design could save a lot of magic cores. Seeing that Sarin's face had improved, Judy Koko was relieved and continued: "When underwater, the warship can also start directly, spread the bone wings on both sides, accelerate directly, Surveyors tape measure ,Wheel tape measure, and come out of the water. If necessary, it can give up the magic cabin and increase the speed to the highest in an instant." When Salin heard this, a smile appeared on his face. Throw away the pods that provide buoyancy and just increase the speed to the maximum. This design will not be used very often, so it is not a wasteful behavior. Giudicoco, are there naval battles on the plane of the undead? "Of course, the territory of our three brothers is tens of thousands of miles, and the sea territory is longer than that of the Qin Empire." Replied Judy Koko. He didn't tell Sarin that in the plane of the undead, the land was a hundred times wider than the land of Mels. The undead empire of the three of them is also a small force. Salin listened, nodded and said, "Well, I understand. I will give you respect in the future." Diabinas snorted coldly. Salin said well now, but three days ago, he was forcing his three brothers to do hard work for him. As if Sarin hadn't heard, Judy Koko said, "My Lord, such a warship should abandon the way it used to fight, use speed, keep a distance from the enemy, and attack with long-range weapons." "But the aim of a long-range weapon." Sarin hesitated, waiting for an explanation from Judy Cocoa. No matter how sophisticated the magic trebuchet is, its accuracy is not very good. At most, the attack range is controlled within a few hundred meters. If there are many warships attacking at the same time, of course, they can hit the target. But Sarin now has only a few ships on hand, which obviously can not form a saturation strike. This warship has a dragon skeleton as its keel, which can be used to build a larger spirit pool, and does not require a magic trebuchet. The blood-weeping stone produced by the large spirit pool is enough for you to squander. ” Only then did Salin discover that in the rear of the warship, in front of the dragon's tail, was a huge cabin, in the middle of which was indeed a magic array several times larger than the spirit pool of the Turtle Alchemy Ship, which was a spirit pool with a diameter of more than ten meters. Around the spirit pool, there are many green ghosts. Obviously, inlaying so many green ghosts can also preserve the bone spirits produced. The attack mode of bone spirit carrying blood stone is obviously more powerful than that of magic trebuchet, and the attack distance is farther, and the hit rate is much higher. Although the bone spirit is the lowest kind of undead, as long as the order is given, it will track the target by itself until the blood stone explodes. Why didn't you deal with the dragon's tail? Salin saw that the tail, which was nearly a third of the length of the dragon, had not been modified much, and had not even added any cabins to the space of the keel. It is precisely because of this design that the buoyancy of the dragon skeleton warship is insufficient. The dragon's tail is almost solid, and it seems to have no other use except to replace the rudder. Chapter 212 a naval battle in preparation. Judikoko replied respectfully, "Lord Sarin, it's not that the dragon's tail has not been processed. Look at these magic runes. I'm going to refine a lot of star silver to reduce the weight and continue to strengthen it.". If any small warship tries to approach from behind, the dragon's tail will be smashed. "You mean the dragon's tail can still swing!" Sarin was really surprised. My Lord,Diameter tape measure, the Empire has war puppets. That's on land. This is a giant puppet in the water. The whole ship is moving. Otherwise, how can it be the fastest ship. This design allows the warship to turn quickly. Although the warship is 200 meters long, its flexibility is similar to that of a small boat of more than ten meters. Sarin began to calculate the space of the warship. The 200-meter ship needed seventy-two undead to keep it running. It was not a problem that it had more than eighty evolved skeletons. You still need six undead to control the magic array of bone spirits. You can still be self-sufficient and don't have to ask others for help.