Biting her lip, Tina could not help recalling: "Just 35,000 years ago, I first met Plaid in Doug City. At that time, I came here with my father to attend his party. The first time I saw him, I fell in love with him deeply. I decided silently that I must marry him in my life." At this point, Tina could not help laughing sweetly. The arm holding Yi Chi tightly also loosened. With a long sigh of relief, Yi Chi could not help saying, "What's next?"? Why did he refuse you? "It was our third year together, and neither of us said we wanted to be with each other for life, but I could see that Plaid was right about me," Tina said with a sullen look. "But on the day I thought it was time, Gwen refused me. He refused me and left me without caring about my feelings. Since then, he has never come to me again. Every time I see him, he is perfunctory and dare not even look at me." I could hear that Tina was so sad about the refusal of the plaid that she could not help shedding two lines of tears on her face. With a sigh of helplessness, Yi Chi could not help but take out a handkerchief and handed it to Tina to wipe her tears. Smiling at Yi Chi, Tina reached for the handkerchief handed to her by Yi Chi, wiped away the tears on her face, and continued to say, "I was very sad at that time. I knew that Plaid loved me, but I didn't know why he refused me. So I stayed in Doug City, despite my father's opposition,disc air diffuser, and resolutely stayed." At that time, my father did not agree with me to be with Plaid. As for the reason, he did not make it clear. Later, I learned that my father thought I had no hope at all, so he did not let me be with Plaid. "Well, you know about that man, too?" Yi Chi could not help saying when he heard this. Mmm. Nodding her head, Tina said with a sad smile on her face,MBR reactor, "I didn't expect that I should lose to a dead person. He can't forget her all the time. As long as he remembers her for one day, he won't accept me." Quietly looking at Tina, I do not know why, at this time Yi Chi suddenly want to severely scold her, the world is not only a plaid man, there are many good men, why must hang on a tree. At this time, Yi Chi suddenly thought of the white leaf, this boy is not good without a girlfriend, or will Tina be introduced to him? But after thinking about it, Yi Chi still gave up the plan. First, Tina's appearance is really not falling in love with anyone else. Second, Yi Chi doesn't want Bai Ye to get hurt. Maybe after knowing that Tina likes someone else, the plaid after leaving the customs will change his mind. But in this way, it hurts Bai Ye. Obviously, Yi Chi won't want such a thing to happen. Naturally, rapid sand filters ,fine bubble diffuser, they won't do that. Hey ~ "sighed, today is Yi Chi sighed the most day, I saw Yi Chi helplessly looked at Tina, a serious face said:" Have you ever thought about finding another person, plaid may not be the most suitable for you. " Turning to look at Yi Chi, Tina shook her head and said firmly, "I don't know that plaid is the one I'm destined to be. I won't give up. You will support me, right?" Smiling and nodding, Yi Chi could not help laughing and said, "Don't worry, since you have made such a decision, I will support you to the end, and I believe that the plaid will change its mind." "Really?" After hearing Yi Chi's words, Tina could not help but grab Yi Chi's arms with a face of excitement and asked nervously. Nodding his head, Yi Chi broke Tina's hands with a slight twitch at the corners of his mouth and held them firmly and said, "Don't worry, I will find a way. As soon as he leaves the customs, I will let him know that you are the one he should cherish." She lowered her head shyly, and Tina could not help but imagine what the plaid would look like after accepting herself, and immediately laughed. Looking at the opposite Tina, Yi Chi could not help laughing. How many such love are there in the world? So what if you help yourself? Dou Shen Relics Chapter 506 Gossip Chapter 506 gossip (fourth watch). On the edge of Mirror Lake. Yi Chi is talking to Tina about his plan, he intends to let Tina pretend to like himself, and then with his performance is very intimate, this matter must also be hidden from the plaid, but the old housekeeper and Hugh old side is to communicate well, so that after the plaid out of the customs will naturally think that in this period of his retreat Yi Chi and Tina walked together. Maybe they will wake up at that time. If this is not enough, then Yi Chi can only make a tough move, presumably after Tina's death, he should wake up to it, if this is not enough, Yi Chi said, Tina herself has given up, even if she is still unrepentant, she is not worthy of love at all. Naturally, Yi Chi will not let Tina really die, after all, he has resurrection, as long as Tina's soul still exists, the body is still sound, resurrection is only a small problem. I just don't know if Plaid will finally wake up after what they have done. Everything is still unknown. The whole night stayed outside, Yi Chi is to let other people misunderstand what he has with Tina, this is good to carry out the plan, otherwise perhaps really can not deceive the plaid. After staying on the edge of Mirror Lake all night, they chatted all night, and the next morning, Yi Chi pulled Tina back to Doug City, and they looked very intimate, so that they felt that they were lovers, so that all the people who knew them suddenly admitted their affairs in their hearts. And the fire of gossip burning all the demons have begun to spread the story of the two people,disc air diffuser, what a night did not return why ah double tree amphibious like a newlywed ah always a lot of rumors began to spread throughout the city of Doug up. Seeing this situation, Yi Chi was still secretly happy in his heart, and did not know how to clean up the mess after he woke up.