The young man surnamed Tie said coldly, "Brother Qiu, this old man is a three-legged cat with a few hands. He still wants to meddle in our affairs. Brother, let him help him." Surprised and angry, Du Liangli couldn't stop looking at the way the two men were going. He thought to himself, "The world is really not reversed. Dong Qixin was so young that he killed the Villa Leader with one hand. Last night, the young falcon knocked down an eagle in the Tianshan Mountains, Yunruo Bing. Now these two men are unfathomable. It's impossible to see what kind of posture he used.". "All right," said the man surnamed Qiu! All right! Come forward to send Du Liangli. Du Liangli's exercise covered his whole body. Just then, an old Confucian scholar coughed lightly and flashed out. The two of them saw someone appear beside them, but they didn't feel it. They were frightened, and they saw that the old Confucian scholar's eyelids were so cold that they didn't have a trace of expression. Du Liangli said to himself, "This man looks like a ghost. He wears a mask on his face. He clearly doesn't want others to see through his true face.". "Get out of here for me, boys," said the old man. "Elder brother," said Tie coldly, "he told us to go away. What do you think?" "What's an old ghost?" The man surnamed Qiu said angrily. "Look at me, second brother." The man surnamed Tie was very dangerous. When he saw that the old Confucian scholar was just coming in the air, he knew that the man was not easy to mess with,jacuzzi bath spa, so he challenged the man surnamed Qiu to test the depth of the old Confucian scholar. Surnamed Qiu was really excited, he hit the old Confucian directly, the old Confucian lightly shook his sleeve, then turned his attack back. "You can't do it alone," said the old scholar coldly. "You can do it together.". The man surnamed Qiu became angry from embarrassment and attacked him again. The man surnamed Tie saw that the old Confucian was so strange that he couldn't think of a way to deal with it for a while. Just as he was waiting for the man surnamed Qiu to slip away, he suddenly saw the old Confucian shaking his hand. The man with the surname of Qiu took three steps back and turned around twice. The old Confucian laughed and said, "There are not many people in the world who can stop the old man from falling down. For this reason,endless swimming pool, you two get out of here for me." As soon as the man surnamed Tie dragged the man surnamed Qiu, he flew away. The old Confucian scholar shook his sleeves and looked extremely dispirited. He ignored Liangli and walked away at a flat pace. He did not see him get up and disappear in the darkness for a moment. Du Liangli shouted in his heart, "Shrink the ground into an inch, shrink the ground into an inch. Who is this old man? Who are these two young men?" He dazed and thought for a long time. At this time, the moon was in the middle of the sky, and the cold light was sprinkled on the ground. Du Liangli sighed with infinite emotion in his heart. Although he had practiced martial arts for decades, he was already one of the masters in Jianghu. However, in the scene just now, not to mention the old Confucian scholar, even the two young men, he could not make a move himself. Jianghu was so big that strange people and strange people were emerging one after another. He sighed for a moment and then remembered that the shopkeeper was still lying on the ground. He stepped forward to wake him up. When he felt his body was cold, it turned out that he had been dead for a long time. Du Liangli was very angry. He thought, "That boy did this to an ordinary person who doesn't know martial arts. Alas!"! At daybreak, best whirlpool tub ,jacuzzi manufacturers, there was a lawsuit about human life. We were visitors from afar, so it was inevitable that we could not get rid of the relationship, or just walk away. He dragged the shopkeeper aside to hide his eyes, and he was no longer in the mood to sleep. This place was close to Zhangjiakou, and he had sent the carriage back a few days ago. When the day is not yet clear, they play a few times through the window, Chuang Ling alert to climb up, only to see Du father-in-law look awe-inspiring, told her to quickly get up and go together to perform flying skills. Chuang Ling followed Du Liangli in a frantic rush and walked dozens of miles. At this time, the sky was dawning, the clouds and shadows in the sky were changing, and the sun had not yet come out. Only then did Grandfather Du tell what had happened last night. Chuang Ling suddenly asked, "Are those two boys as good as the young man who saved us last time?" Du Liangli thought for a moment and said, "I'm afraid I can't compare with that young man." "Don't you think that old man has become a God?" Chuang Ling asked. "Exactly," said Du Liangli. It is widely said in Jianghu that the world's best masters are the Three Stars of Heaven and Dong Wugong of Earth. In my opinion, the old man is one of them. Zhuang Ling was about to answer when suddenly the two riders came slowly with the sound of hoofbeats in front of them. Du Liangli was in the dark, so he could see the two people coming towards him very clearly. Du Liangli felt a shock and quietly dragged Zhuang Ling out of the branches. Zhuang Ling's face was full of surprise and suspicion. She looked at Grandfather Du with big eyes. Du Liangli said in a low voice, "That man is the leader of the Blue Sect of the Beggars' Sect and.." "With whom?" Chuang Ling asked. Du Liangli sighed and said, "Lan Wenhou, Sect Leader and.." And our former little fellow Dong Qixin. Zhuang Ling only felt her body trembling, almost unable to support, this little demon who killed her father, which day she did not curse him several times! Unexpectedly although the horizon is big, oneself and Du Gonggong go far outside the mouth, unexpectedly can meet with the ground, is really the enemy road is narrow. The thoughts in her mind were so turbulent that she could not tell whether she hated him or forgave him. Grandfather Du said softly, "Sister, let's not show up first. That boy's skill is unfathomable. We're not in a hurry to get revenge." By this time, Dong Qixin and Lan Wenhou had gradually approached. In the twilight of the morning, Chuang Ling saw that Dong Qixin had grown a lot, and her face was still full of the kind of unfathomable expression that was not peaceful. It was this expression that Chuang Ling had missed like crazy. "Brother Lan," said Dong Qixin, "I admire you for fighting for the people all the year round." The Marquis of Lan Wen laughed and said, "Little brother, you and I can't do this. The three mutineers have entered the Central Plains, but the fate of the Central Plains Wulin. Let's hurry back and gather the former brothers of the Beggars' Sect. At least we'll fight with them." "Brother Lan," said Dong Qixin, "as long as you use my place, it's thousands of miles away. He will arrive in the starry night. As they talked, they gradually walked away. Duke Du heaved a sigh of relief and said, "I didn't expect that the old beggar, the Marquis of Lan Wen,outdoor endless pool, didn't die. The Villa Leader arranged a clever plan and lost the game. How can man be better than God's will?" Chuang Ling kept crying in her heart, "He is my enemy. I can't think of him any more." But is it easy to do? The two hurried to Zhangjiakou. As soon as they entered the city, they saw a big house. The gate was made of a whole piece of marble. There were two stone lions standing at the gate. The gold-lettered signboard on the gate was "Hu Ji Fur Old Shop". The words were big and the pen was like a dragon flying and a phoenix dancing. It was very vigorous. There were more than a dozen short farm servants standing in front of the door.