"Yes, yes, I'd love to. Thank you so much." Wenliang's father bowed gratefully to Mingyou's father. Mingyou's father quickly supported him: "Don't be so polite, since these two children are brothers, then our two families are relatives.". If you need any help in the future, just ask. Verse 90: Chapter 8 Tilt Lovers' Scales (4) "Oh, all right." The two families became a family in a twinkling of an eye, and the atmosphere was very good. I saw a happy smile on the face of a gentle and flawless handsome man, and I was really happy for him, although there was still a slight sense of sadness and loneliness when I was happy. However, such happiness did not last long, it was completely shattered in a quiet and alienated snowy day! One day, I was holding my body, shrinking my neck and staring at the ice flowers on the window of the classroom. Suddenly,Magnesium Sulphate price, my cell phone rang. As soon as I got through, there came a little anxious voice from Mingyou: "Qingquan, are you still at school?" Yes, although school is over early, I don't want to go home so early. I want to stay in the classroom and finish my homework before I go back. I left a credit card in my desk in my classroom, right inside my math book. I'm in the mall now. Please help me get my credit card. Khan,dap diammonium phosphate, this daredevil, is really forgetful! I really want to help him. He asked me to help him because he trusted me. However, I suddenly thought of one thing: Mingyou, should the classroom door of your class be locked now? I'm sure everyone's gone! How do I get in? Go to the office building and ask our head teacher for the key! He must still be here. He leaves late every day! "OK, I'll get the credit card as soon as possible, and you wait." I took the key as quickly as I could, opened the door of Mingyou's classroom, then rushed to his seat, opened the desk and found the credit card. When I was about to close my desk and leave, my eyes were suddenly sucked firmly by something at the bottom! Am I seeing things? That What's the matter As though Is it a letter I wrote to Wen Liang? When I turned it out, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, I froze and sat down on the chair. I was right, and the thing at the bottom was the letter I wrote to Wen Liang! All of them are letters I wrote to Wen Liang, and we have regular correspondence! One of them is Wen Liang's reply to me, the latest, unfinished reply, in an unsealed new envelope.. I frantically rushed out of the classroom with my credit card and these letters and rushed to the mall that Mingyou said. When he finished swiping his card and returned to the car with his bags, I threw the letters to him and asked: Why are they in your hands? What the hell is going on? Mingyou was silent, and after a long time he spoke slowly in a low voice: "I'm sorry, the letters Wen Liang wrote to you were actually written by me. I forged Wen Liang's handwriting and pretended to write in a gentle tone.". At first, the purpose of writing these letters was to comfort you just as you used to write to Wenliang pretending to be Leiyan. However, the longer I corresponded with you and the more I knew you, the more I couldn't help being attracted to you until I couldn't extricate myself. So, although many times have thought that the purpose of comfort has been achieved on the interruption of communication, but did not endure the heart, so it has continued to the present. I don't believe it! I don't believe it! You must have stolen these letters from Wen Liang. You must have stolen them, right? I burst into tears, shook my head and retorted loudly. Mingyou did not speak, but finished the unfinished letter neatly and simply, and then held it up to me: "You see clearly!"! Look at the difference between the first half of the letter and the second half! There is no difference! There is no difference at all! Completely by one man! Is he really "gentle"? "Gentle" is really him? My God, how did this happen? I have always thought that the uninterrupted correspondence between Wen Liang and me is the most beautiful and happy secret between us. The world in the letter belongs only to us. The world in the letter is so rich and brilliant that we can enjoy it for a lifetime. Just snuggling up and looking through those letters can also make us grow old happily with a smile. The world in the letters makes me believe that Wen Liang loves me! Even in real life, his love for me is still hesitant and hesitant, but in the letter, he is sure and unswerving to love me! It is these letters that make me forgive Wenliang again and again; it is these letters that make me always full of hope for the feelings between me and Wenliang. However, it is actually false, God actually told me that it is false! It is completely and completely not a gentle effort! So, what's left between me and Wen Liang? Even the happiness and beauty that I have been relying on are false, so what is left between me and Wen Liang? What's left? I suddenly felt very desperate, and I had completely lost confidence in myself. I do not believe that Wen Liang loves me, and there is no substantive evidence that I can safely believe that Wen Liang loves me. I can't compare with Leiyan, I can't compare with Mingyou, and I'm at the bottom of Wenliang's heart! Last! Verse 91: Chapter 8 Tilt Lovers' Scales (5) I'm so tired. I want to give up. I don't want to love someone who doesn't love me at all. I used to be such an ordinary girl, I finally can not escape the reality of the logic of love! I used to think I was the exception. I thought I could be the daughter of the sea in Andersen's fairy tale. I could love a person who doesn't love me for a lifetime in a great and solemn way. I could lose the most beautiful voice for him in exchange for human feet that don't adapt to me. I could endure the sharp pain of stepping on the tip of a knife and dance happily for him. I would turn myself into foam to help him and his beloved; I can still tell myself with a smile at the moment when my soul is extinguished, "I love him, and I have no regrets.". I think how beautiful and noble it is to love someone so selflessly and fearlessly,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, and I still think so, but at the same time, I finally find that I can't do it myself! I am helpless!. stargrace-magnesite.com