Two people refused to each other for a while, or Gu Riyang first picked a mouthful, then Wang Tianyi and Hu Buzhan just picked their own, and pulled a few boxes to let the dark group hand down. As the saying goes, when fighting and making a fortune, everyone tucks his head in his belt and tries his best. Now that he has been rewarded, everyone is happy. Tianyi. There is one thing, "said Gu Riyang with a smile." My son is one month old. When I go back to Yangzhou, I want to invite you, Yan Xiaoyi and Yu Shibei to have a full moon wine together. "That's good!" Wang Tianyi laughed happily: "I have to think about what good things to send to my nephew..." "Old Gu, don't you invite me?!" Hu Buzhan roared. Gu Riyang bared his teeth, and his face turned pale when he saw Hu Buzhan. Because this guy is a madman. He doesn't care about anyone except Wang Tianyi. He not only kills people on the killing field, but also fights with his own people even if they don't agree with his superiors. He is so good at martial arts that he is famous for being feared by everyone. Now he really doesn't want him to go to this private party. What if he gets drunk and frightens his son? "Lao Hu, next time, next time." Gu Riyang sat on the box and begged for mercy. Yu Rui burst out laughing. Just as they were talking and laughing, a member of the secret group pushed the door and came in. He bowed and said, "Commander,metal trim manufacturers, please come over." =================================== "It's him!" Van der yuan couldn't believe his eyes. Just now, the masked people came everywhere like a flood. Fan Deyuan, who was guarding the goods, was forced to fight immediately, because they didn't listen to each other at all. Fan Deyuan and several of his colleagues saw that the number of people and martial arts of each other were not what they could resist, so they had to run while fighting. While running aimlessly with one of his comrades, he fell on him with a groan,aluminum tile trim, which crushed him to the ground, and Van der yuan saw clearly that his neck was pierced by a big white feather arrow. Looking at the shadows in the courtyard and the screams one after another, Fan Deyuan had guessed his situation, and if he was sure to die, he would lie down under the body of his colleague, motionless all over, trying to play dead to escape the disaster. After a little while, the sound of killing stopped. At this time, he saw a group of masked men escorting three people through the path not far away. By the snowlight, he clearly saw that the smiling young man inside was actually brother Wang Tianyi! Am I wrong? Why is he here? You can't go wrong! That comely face! That familiar humble smile! The scar! At that moment, Van der yuan almost cried out, but he didn't. Because of the bloodstains on the Elder Martial Brother's body, stainless steel edge trim ,tile trim manufacturers, the smile that ignored the corpses in the courtyard, and the group of strong and restrained experts around him, all of these intuitively told Van der Xuan: Danger! Danger! Danger! But he did not escape the danger, because soon the masked men came again in a line, and the bodies in the yard were carefully examined: their own bodies were taken away, and the bodies of the enemy were repaired. Pow! Pow! Pow.. The sound of the knife into the body came slowly but ceaselessly to his side. Van der yuan knows it's inevitable. He suddenly lifted the body and jumped up, but he did not run two steps. Four or five knives had surrounded him. The eyes on the mask were shining as coldly as the light of the knife. In the blink of an eye, the light of the knife was waving straight at his head. Wang Tianyi! Fan Deyuan knelt on the ground and shouted, "I know your leader!"! Wang Tianyi! My senior fellow apprentice! He repeated the words, which roared like thunder all over his body. He thought he was speaking loudly, but in fact he was as light as a mosquito's whisper in the fear of the knife. But the man in front of him heard it. He was stunned for a moment. He put away his knife and ran away. And Fan Deyuan was set up. Soon the boots clattered. A group of people came to him. Fan Deyuan could not see what others looked like. His eyes nailed the face that looked strange and familiar-Wang Tianyi. He repeated in his mouth: "Elder Martial Brother …" Spare my life. Senior fellow apprentice Tears flowed down. Just as he did to Wang Tianyi three years ago. Yu Rui came out from a distance, took a look and understood the situation: he didn't come at all. He turned around and began to listen to the casualty reports of his men. And Gu Riyang approached. He immediately turned around and walked away, shouting to his men to divide the rest of the booty. Ha! Isn't this the little brother? I know him. I was in prison with you, and he.. Hu Buzhan laughed after taking a close look at Fan Deyuan. But immediately shut up, because Wang Tianyi turned to stare at him, see that kind of eyes, Hu Buzhe as if he had been punched in the chest, he stepped back a few steps, stroking his scalp and did not know what to do. Looking at the tears on the face of the former Younger Martial Brother. Wang Tianyi's face was expressionless, and he slowly reached out and pulled out a silk scarf from his bosom. It was a black mask, which was gently extended to Van der yuan's face. As soon as the silk scarf touched his face, the frightened Van der yuan was like a soldering iron on his face, and his whole body suddenly shook, but it was a silk scarf, not a soldering iron. Fan Deyuan only felt that the silk scarf slowly wiped away the tears for himself. He slowly moved to his forehead to wipe his sweat, and the black silk scarf spread out to cover Van der yuan's whole face. Under the black silk scarf, Fan Deyuan could not see anything. His body trembled like a drowning man grasping a straw. He repeatedly trembled and shouted: "Elder Martial Brother …" Spare my life.. "What are you doing here?" Wang Tianyi said softly outside the face towel. It's exactly the same as it was three years ago. The tone of that time, which Van der yuan will never forget, was not a question, but a reproach. But this time, there was no breath, and it was empty like the cold dry wind blowing through the sand. The voice did not fall, a silver light mercilessly hit the middle of the black scarf. Just listen to a "bang", Yu Rui, Gu Riyang and other people nearby turned to this side to look, see, everyone's body is shaking, the air seems to suddenly solidify for a moment, between heaven and earth quiet only the sound of snow falling,stainless steel tile edge trim, then the solidification was blown away by the wind, everyone turned to their own business, even Hu Buchou also timidly turned away.