Looking at the two people in the free country and the people in the silent group sitting together and chatting, they realized that they didn't know when they were'good '. There's no good play to watch, so I have to do my own thing. An hour later, there was still no news from the system. Do you think we just misheard that the system didn't let us gather here at all? Black Line, "Do you think everyone here has a problem with their ears?" “...... Then why is there no hint? ?” "I don't know, ask the system." Chat continues to chat. Two hours later, there was still no message from the system. Ah, ah, ah, I can't stand it. What's wrong with the system? "Forget it, there's nothing to do in this sky city anyway. It's good for us to sit here and talk, and we can see the first beauty of the future at close range. Don't complain." Twitch, "close range?"? Why don't I think this distance is close at all? At least 300 meters. "Idiot, add an eagle's eye to yourself and you'll be close." “--! I wonder why you add skills to yourself when you have nothing. So that's it. Apart from those who have a common topic, we can't chat any more. Three hours later, the system still didn't go off. I'm hungry. Let's go. "Good." Just as everyone stood up to go, a gust of wind blew in the no-man's land in the middle of the square, and then a man with hanging eyes appeared. Oh, sorry I'm late. Everyone is silent. Ah, let's talk about the game now. I was going to talk to you in the morning,heavy duty metal racks, but I didn't expect that it's already noon. It's really troublesome. ...... Whose fault do you think it is? !!! The eyes of the contestants are so horrible, but generally they dare to be angry but dare not speak out. The opposite person knows at a glance that he is the key person. If he is annoyed, he will not be able to compete. Some temper is more explosive, the brush stood up and rushed to the man, but when approaching the man one meter, it was very impolite to be kicked by this seemingly harmless man, forming a parabola in the air, falling to the ground,cantilever racking system, lying unable to move. Then the scene was silent, and the players in the World Series were the elites of all countries, so they were easily defeated. Let's make it simple. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Cheng Lun, the chief judge of the competition. Because there are more than 100 countries here, there are many teams, so now we have to start with two elimination matches, one is the individual competition, the other is the team competition. The elimination of the individual competition is similar to that of the team competition. I will put you in a scene and give you a map for seven days. You just need to get enough things together in the specified time. Nah, you can rob or kill, whatever. Event replay completed. Ignoring other people's expressions, Cheng Lun sighed: "It's really troublesome to finish things early and go back to bed early.". Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you that it's better to lose a few more teams so that we can relax. Nah, that's it. Su Nu believed that if the man was not the referee, push back racking system ,shuttle rack system, no matter what his strength was, at least half of the people present would rush to chop him. All right, the competition starts with the team competition. People wonder, isn't it usually started from the individual competition? Then Cheng Lun helped them solve the problem. Because the form of the two competitions is almost the same, those who start first must suffer losses, and there are many people in the team competition and it is troublesome, so let's eliminate them first. Anyway, it means that if there are more people team event, the possibility of conflicts or something will increase greatly, and the number of people eliminated will also increase. Want to understand the black line, black line or black line. Suddenly there is a raging fire in the bottom of my heart, there is a voice in his ear said: "must not weigh the heart of this Ya.". As soon as Cheng Lun's hand waved lazily in the sky, the whole square was three quarters less, and then someone opened his mouth: "You can do whatever you like, and wait for the team competition to come back for the individual elimination competition." With that, he yawned and disappeared. He should have gone to bed. The plain women only felt the space around them distorted for a while, and then found themselves in a place where there were endless woods, which seemed to be a special scene. Open the item column, and a thing with pink light is lying in it. He raised his eyebrows, took out his things with a smile, and quickly gathered several thieves all over the world. This is the map? Why is it pink? Dazhuang was puzzled to ask, it seems that the map and so on are not all yellow and old? This is the map model in Dazhuang's mind, or rather the model of the treasure map. "Well, this should be the bad taste of the main referee." "I think it's cute for a woman to wear pink and take pink, but it's awkward for a man to think about it," the escort commented pertinently. Stealing all over the world gives birth to a nod of feeling. Su Nu smiled and slowly opened the map. The scale of this map seems to be very large, and it is full of twists and turns. In addition to marking its present location, other graphics like bottles, gems and swords should be the location of the task items. This map is a bit large, there are ten items, and each team has only one, unless the memory is super good, otherwise each team can only act together. Even with my feet, it's hard to get things together in the specified time. The escort looked at the map and analyzed that the farthest item was almost seven days away from here, and it would take him at least five days to get there. Su Nu smiled softly. "Obviously, the system wants us to rob each other." Along with the looting, of course, came the killing. Susu, what should I do? He stole all over the world and looked at her warmly. The plain girl handed the map to the thief all over the world and said, "What do you think?" The meaning was too clear, the people on the scene all showed excited smiles, and the next activity was too challenging. Stole all over the world to carry skills, the map changed from one to two, then four, eight. Everyone in the silent fashion group consciously took one. Su Nu looked at Xiao Bing and said, "Do you want it,warehousing storage solutions, too?" The latter nodded. "Yeah, me too." She is also a member of the silent group. There are no weak people in the group, and she does not need protection. jracking.com