"Let's go quickly. If the mall comes, we can't afford it." At this time, Zhui Quan Chong is very clever. Seeing that he is not good, he will run away with his master. Athena agrees with him very much. She is just a little idol who has just made her debut, and she can't afford such a big stage. Heroes do not suffer immediate losses, Zhenyuan Zhai also understand this very well, just now he was in a hurry to rush out of the palm, such a big stage must be very expensive, or quickly leave it. Looking at the eyes of the funny master trio, Li Yalin can not help but some funny, in fact, every day living such a day, is also a good tng. What are you waiting for, boy? Hurry to follow, "see Li Yalin did not move the place, Zhenyuan Zhai in the run also did not forget to remind Li Yalin." "Come on," Li Yalin shrugged his shoulders helplessly toward Banisha, and then the two of them followed up a few steps. Follow Zhenyuanzhai three people run out of a few streets in a row, finally is slowly relieved, but the street is not a place to chat,5 person hot tub, or find a quiet point of the location is better. In order to take care of Athena, Li Yalin finally picked a coffee shop that looked very good and asked for a separate private room. Finally, he was able to talk at ease. In fact, if there were only Zhenyuan Zhai and Zhui Quan Chong, Li Yalin didn't mind finding a corner for them to squat in, which would save a lot of resources. "Is this coffee?"? It's bitter. It tastes too bad. How can it taste the same as Chinese medicine? Zhenyuanzhai seemed to drink coffee for the first time. He didn't add any milk or sugar. He drank the black coffee that had just been ground. But after only one sip, Zhenyuanzhai spurted it out directly. He couldn't understand why he spent so much money to buy this coffee like traditional Chinese medicine? If you want to drink Chinese medicine,whirlpool hot tub spa, you can casually go to the back hill of your hometown to collect some and boil it out. "Master, this is zero, this coffee is not drunk like this!" Vertebral Fist Chong Lao Shen shook his head as if he were an expert. "How can I drink if I don't?" Zhen yuan Zhai is very surprised to look at Zhui Quan Chong, this boy has been with him since he was a child, how can he not know that he also drank this foreign thing? "Look at it." Zhui Quan Chong confidently picked up the coffee, gulped a big mouthful, but did not swallow the coffee, then picked up the milk next to it, gulped another mouthful, wulala rinsed his mouth, then picked up a sugar cube and threw it into his mouth, shook his head for a while, and finally stirred the coffee in his mouth. Then he drank the full coffee. "See, master?"? This thing should be drunk like this. "After drinking coffee in such a strange way, american hot tub ,outdoor hot tub, Zhui Quan Chong proudly raised his eyebrows at Zhen yuan Zhai, which means that your apprentice didn't give it for nothing." Seeing this scene, the side of Li Yalin and Banisha has been completely stunned, this way of drinking coffee is the first time to see, I really do not know who this boy is learning from, as for Athena, she has covered her face and do not know what to say, it is a shame to throw home! Athena is different from Zui Quan Chong. She doesn't stay with Zhen yuan Zhai all the time. She is still a middle school student. Oh no, Athena has graduated from middle school and become a glorious freshman in high school. For all aspects, Athena knows more about nature than Vertebra Fist Chong, for Vertebra Fist Chong this kind of bumpkin's way of drinking coffee, Athena really has a kind of taste of hating iron but not steel, but he is still complacent, as if he is so powerful. "What's the matter?" Seeing that the atmosphere was a little delicate, Zhui Quan Chong was very puzzled to turn his head and ask, could it be that the cool and heroic posture he had just drunk shocked everyone? It's really wonderful. It seems that I should learn more. "Nothing," Li Yalin waved his hand feebly. Li Yalin was really not in the mood to continue to complain about this wonderful flower. If he was serious, he would really lose! Chapter 332 zombie monsters under the subway. The Garfield incident has come to an end for the time being. As for the purpose of Ge Yalin's visit to Hong Kong, Zhenyuanzhai has almost understood it. For this evil organization that wants to use evil viruses to conquer the world, Zhenyuanzhai will never accept dividends. Therefore, Zhenyuenzhai said that he and his two apprentices can also join the ranks of Li Yalin and make a contribution to saving the world. Li Yalin will not object to this, but what to save the world, Li Yalin is not interested, he just wants to complete his task, by the way, don't let the girls around him get hurt, as for what the world will become, close him Li Yalin what car [Marshal is really interesting, even to build their own underground base in this kind of public. But it is precisely because of this, the regular army has not found this base, that is, the so-called most dangerous place is the safest bar. "Is there really an evil secret laboratory in a place like this?" It was already one o'clock in the morning. A group of five people quietly walked into the subway station. At this time, the subway had already been closed. The dark underground passage made Zhiquan Chong shiver and murmur discontentedly. "Rest assured, my intelligence is absolutely not wrong," Li Yalin is quite confident about this, if the God system appears. In UG's case, that's really interesting. "You blind what'worry 'heart, follow good" Athena but very trust Li Yalin, stared at the vertebra fist Chong, steamed bun man can only curl his mouth and do not speak, no way, Athena is not only the nemesis of Zhenyuan Zhai, but also the nemesis of his vertebra fist Chong! According to intelligence, Mo Marshal den's base is located not far from the subway platform. After passing through a tunnel, Li Yalin finally confirmed the target location and opened a drainage cover. It was dark inside and nothing could be seen clearly. It also emitted a strange smell,garden jacuzzi tub, which made Banisha and Athena frown. "This is it." With that, Li Yalin was the first to jump down. There was no water as he had imagined. There was only a cold and damp smell around him. And after walking through a narrow tunnel, a tightly closed door was in front of him. monalisa.com